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Amazing Features of PugNode Token

Powered by TurtleNetwork

The TurtleNetwork is a decentralized network with real world solutions running on blockchain.The TurtleNetwork is a particle network of the Waves Platform with many inherited elements and benefits. They include a wallet, decentralized exchange (DEX), gateways, token creation, leasing and non-turing complete smart contracts.

Super Fast Speed

Fast & Secure: With the adoption of the Waves-NG protocol, the TurtleNetwork has transaction speeds of over 100 transactions per second (tps), Mass Transfers closer to 400 transactions per second (tps). Transactions and trades occur within seconds, all verified within 1 minute.

Network Security

TurtleNetwork secures its network through mining with a stake leasing protocol called LPOS (Leased Proof of Stake). LPOS is an energy-efficient type of mining which means that minimal electricity consumption is required to secure the blockchain.

Low cost

Flat fees and no ‘gas’ requirements enables PugNode token to keep transaction costs low.


Numerous supported Gateways.


PugNode token

Token name: PugNode
Decimals: 2
Total Supply: 100000000.00
Re-issuable: no
Asset ID: 764NtwudtEyi6FKUsFEgafGFr2v5Ap87c1bGtKGeQqSg
Network Algorithm : Leased Proof of Stake (LPOS)
Issued by : 3JiRRSs4cx5USyyy2WMXUHcjktMaSLkEt15
Issue date: 07.06.2019

Asset ID

Leasing Pools

Node PugNode

We are providing a node on the Turtle Network. You can start leasing if you have TN in your wallet. TN, which you leased are always by your control, you can always stop leasing. Node does not control your TN, so there is no any risk. Your balance is counting as generating after 1000 blocks. After this our node generating transfer fees with your balance and you will earn TurtleNode. The more our node balance and your balance, the more your rewards. We are helping you earn more TN and making the Turtle Network stable.

Contribute us by leasing $TN to our Node Address to make PugNode stronger and earn rewards.

PugNode Leasing Addres : 3JiRRSs4cx5USyyy2WMXUHcjktMaSLkEt15
Lease Alias: pugnode


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Pavels Sirjevs

Founder & CEO

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